Fox8 Featuring Sno-la Snoball Lounge Mardi Gras Snowball

Fox8 Featuring Sno-la Snoball Lounge Mardi Gras Snowball


Our friends at Fox8 loved our new Mardi GRas Snowball “throw Me Something Mister” that they featured us on their latest article.

They said:

“The year-round sno-ball spot, Sno-la Snoball Lounge, parades their festive cheesecake stuffed snowballs. Their “Pour Me Something Mister” sno-ball plays on Carnival colors and flavors that resemble a king cake. The creation combines king cake cream flavor, bananas foster cream flavor and the seasonal Mardi Gras green. Then, the mixture is stuffed with their original cheesecake filling and topped with condensed milk. If you’re looking for more, the spot also serves a “Fat Tuesday” sno-ball that tastes like the traditional Mardi Gras king cake.”

To see the full article, please click here.

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