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Snola Snowballs Catering

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Pricing for catering events will depend on a number of factors. First select what type of snoballs you want to have available for your guests and then determine the number of hours you would like us to be present for your event.

Traditional Snoballs $4/person

Special Snoballs $6/person (choose if your would like us to bring fresh fruit OR a cheesecake or Ice cream stuffing option)

Supreme Snoballs $7/ person (choice of both
fruit AND stuffing available)

Minimum charge of $300 applies for the first hour of any catering event with a maximum of 50 snoballs in an hour and $100 per hour of attendance there after.

If your event requires more than 50–100 snoballs within an hour, the minimum charge will be $450 but calculated based on the number of expected guests and the number of hours requested. For example, If you have 150 guests for two hours and want traditional snoballs, the cost will be $600. But if you would like us to cater an event with 60 people and would like us to be there for more then 1 hour, the minimum charge of $450 applies plus $100 per hour there after.

If you are looking for SNO-LA to be a vendor at an event where we will sell snoballs, please include your vendor booth fee and the expected number of attendants and we will check the calendar for availability.

If you would like us to host an event for a public affair and are unsure of the number of guests attending but would like to offer guests a traditional snoball option, a minimum charge of $500 for the first hour applies plus a charge of $100/hour after for a maximum of three staff members at your event with a max capacity of 150 snoballs produced per hour. If you think more then 150 snoballs per hour will be required, provide us with an estimated number and we will provide a custom quote for your event.

If you are a charitable organization and are looking to offer snoballs for a fundraiser or any such event to guests attending the event, please contact us to tell us in as much detail about your event and what role you would like SNO-LA to play in this event. Please understand that based on limited staffing, high demand, and a full calendar, it is very difficult for SNO-LA to donate time and products for free. However, we are always interested in supporting charities, so if it is within our ability to provide our services at cost or complimentary, we will do our best to accomodate your organization.

SNO-LA does not have a catering truck. In order for us to attend your event, we will need to have access to an electricity source and have the space for two 6ft tables. If the event is outdoors, we will need to have a tent or covered area or be allowed to bring our own.

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SNO-LA has quickly become one of the most talked about snowball stands in the Greater New Orleans Area. We are the home of the Original Cheesecake Stuffed snowball and we’re also the creator of the “snoball tasting”. Our Chantilly Cake and Oreo Cheesecake snoballs are hard to miss on social media sites. Our customers are drawn to our soft ice, excellent customer service and creative flavor combinations. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of flavors and they can even have their snowball made in one of our souvenir glass mason jars. We are open year-round and we offer a unique indoor customer experience that also allows us to remain open during inclement weather.

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